DIY: Wooden Coasters & Pot Holders

Over a month ago I was browsing Etsy and came across some wooden drink coasters.  I fell in love.  Recently my husband cut a tree down in our backyard and I asked if he would be so kind to cut me off some pieces, so that I could make some of these beloved coasters.  They are honestly so simple, so long as you can find the wood to make them out of.

Step One: Have someone handy collect some wood and cut into the preferred size of coaster you would like.  This video inspired me and get some helpful tips on how to cut your coasters.

Step Two: Ensure that the wood is completely dry.  I left mine for over a month to dry out, but mostly just because I didn’t get around to crafting right away.  If the wood is dry already you can move along much more quickly.

Step Three: Sanding.  I used two different sand papers. First an 80 grit and then a 180 grit to finish.  I sanded the top, bottom, and a little along the sides to get rid of any rough edges.

IMG_20140623_202913_20140624152158502 IMG_20140623_203022 IMG_20140624_151618

Step Four:
  I applied a few coats of a spray on wood lacquer.  Let dry and voila. Done!

These are so simple to make, take very little time, and look awesome when complete. Good Luck!

IMG_20140624_154454 imageIMG_20140624_154428

If you are not the DIY type but would love to have your own set of Wooden Coasters you can also buy them here on Amazon.

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