Small Business: Red Creek Handmade – One of a Kind Quilts & Baby Clothes

I am so excited to announce my first small business feature, Red Creek Handmade.  I have been following Red Creek Handmade on Instagram for some time now and with every post I fall more in love with her unique quilts, baby clothes and way of life.  I contacted the owner of Red Creek Handmade, Katie, a few days ago and overnight I got an enthusiastic response to be my very first small business feature.

I am always curious to know how a small business got started, what encouraged them, the struggles they may have encountered, and the joys their business brings them daily.  Katie has taken the time to share with you some of her own personal experiences.  Let me introduce you to Red Creek Handmade. Enjoy.


It all started with the first quilt.  Katie started making quilts years ago, once she felt confident enough in her sewing skills she took a leap and decided to list her quilts online.  Mostly through Facebook and just word of mouth Katie started to make a little bit of money on the side.  Katie was having fun creating, sewing, and inventing.

Red Creek is the name of a small creek that runs through the property that Katie lives on.  Inspired by this creek the business name, Red Creek Handmade, was born.  After the birth of Katie’s daughter, June, Red Creek Handmade added baby garments to the inventory.  This was not something Katie had planned or expected, but after making her daughter a pair of pants, she realized how much she liked making cute little clothes for cute little people.

images-1 image-1 images-2

Every single garment of Katie’s is made at her home.  Katie makes her products with her industrial/domestic baby lock (which she adores) and overlock serger.  She believes in making quality products and in order to keep that integrity, she plans on always making her garments at home.  Katie is very particular and ensures only the best for her customers. With every order Katie carefully inspects every piece before they are packaged and shipped.

Pictured below are two of Katie’s favorite items, the Penny Romper and the Sun Hat.  June always has her Sun Hat on.

penny romper

Katie describes her customers as the type of people who like to purchase handmade, quality, small run items.  She loves using linens and cottons and believes her customers appreciate those materials also.  Red Creek Handmade is unique and holds very classic pieces.  The time and effort that Katie puts into each piece is recognized by her customers.

Katie can not express enough how much she loves her customers and having her own small business.    Being able to bring in a small profit while she is at home with June is so rewarding.  Katie plans to let her business grow organically, just as baby clothes came after the birth of her daughter, she is excited about what the future will hold for Red Creek Handmade.

Check out Red Creek Handmade’s website, Instagram @redcreekhandmade, Facebook, and Twitter.

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