Small Business: VONBON Apparel

It was love at first sight with VONBON.  Their non-traditional color palette, soft organic cotton, and original designs had me smitten.  It didn’t take me long to place my first order and once it arrived I was beyond impressed.  I am continually blown away by VONBON; their high-quality unique products, passion for environment, and positive brand image.

Recently I contacted Jennifer Wilson, owner and designer of VONBON apparel, to learn about her journey with VONBON, discover what makes her brand unique, and gather tips for up and coming small business owners.

A91Q3328The VONBON team: Jennifer (middle) is blessed to have her sisters and best friends work along side her, Kristin (left) as her Web and Graphic Desgner and Amber (right) as Head of Business Management.

Jennifer previously worked full-time as a Dental Hygeniest, as VONBON began to grow she took a leap of faith and decided to quit her job to devote all her time into the business.  Her background in sewing and strong passions in design, color, decor and fashion has allowed Jennifer to strive in her business and love every moment of it.

“Being able to put all my time into my business has been a dream and allowed me the creative freedom to be truly happy in my career,” said Jennifer. “When you get to do something you love that involves your interests and passions, it doesn’t feel like work!”


The name VONBON originated from Jennifer and her husband having a conversation about baby names.  Jennifer and her husband had been married for a year or so and were talking about baby names for the future.  They fell in love with the name Vaughn and created the nick name “VONBON” for their future child.  The name was thought up before the company was.  Jennifer realized it would make a perfect children’s brand name, short, sweet and has a ring to it!

VONBON’s products have always been designed and ethically made in Vancouver.  When Jennifer first launched VONBON her and her sister were hand-making all of their products, however as the company grew they could not physically keep up with demand.  Jennifer decided to partner with a local production company to start manufacturing their products, though she continues to be closely involved with the entire process.  Although it is more expensive to have their products produced in Canada, it is very important to Jennifer to keep her products as local as possible.  Jennifer says she feels good knowing that her products are being produced in an ethical environment and enjoys supporting other local small businesses.

Jennifer describes her customers as style savvy moms and gift givers, who are conscious about the purchases they make.  She said, “They have an eye for simple yet stylish pieces and are looking to support ethical and sustainable companies trying to make a difference.”

VONBON has great attention to detail, from their product line to their hand sewn packaging and recycled paper mailers.  Every detail is important to Jennifer and makes VONBON unique amongst other children’s apparel brands.  They even take the time to personally hand write a special note for each order.  VONBON takes the time to care!


Starting your own business is scary and it isn’t always easy.  Jennifer felt that the hardest part for her was taking that initial leap to get her product in the market.  “We all have this idea that our brand, website,  products/services all need to be PERFECT before we share them with the world.” Jennifer said.  “I have realized that a successful company evolves each day and needs to change constantly. We have already updated our site numerous times and made changes to products and packaging since our launch just over a year ago.”  The best advice Jennifer felt she could give is to not stress about making everything PERFECT, get your brand/product into the world and be open to evolve along the way.

After the initial step of launching VONBON and introducing her brand to the world, Jennifer has continued to grow and evolve her business while still pleasing her customers.  Jennifer has shared five  important characteristics that have helped her to accomplish a successful launch and growing business:

Perserverence – You need to keep pushing on even when you feel like you can’t go on. It’s easy to hit a road bump and get discouraged. Keep going!

Hard Working – Owning and running a small business is a lot of hard work and long hours and if you don’t put in the work, you won’t get to where you want to be. You must have a strong work ethic and so must your team members.

Evolving – Your business must be constantly evolving and changing to keep up with your customer and business needs. Change is good and essential to your success.

Positivity – Stay positive! It is really easy to get down or discouraged when things don’t always go as planned…which is really the only thing you can count on happening when you run a small business. Every situation has a silver lining, no matter how hard it can be to see at the time. A positive attitude can make all the difference!

Supported – I have been empowered and supported by so many other small business owners since I started my company. I am very lucky to have a strong network of like-minded women who have supported me along the way. Although you may want to, you can’t do it all on your own. Ask for help when you need it!

von bon 2

“As a business owner, you want to do everything yourself. You can’t! You need a team to help you and the sooner you do, the easier it will be. As Susan from Freshly Picked has said in the past, “Do what you do best and hire out the rest.” It is so true and something I wish I had done sooner! It was really hard for me to stop hand-making our products and trust in a team that could do it. Once I did, it allowed me the freedom to do the things I do best, promote and market my company,” exclaims Jennifer.

Jennifer has exciting plans for VONBON and its ever evolving future.  Within the year she is introducing new prints in her product line and plans to also launch an organic bedding line.  With her first baby set to arrive in November she is also launching a new blog series from her e-commerce site,  It will be all about life, style, baby, and documenting her journey to motherhood.

You can also find VONBON at the following locations:
The Cross Décor & Design – Vancouver (Yaletown)
Meadow Gifts and Apparel – Vancouver (Gastown)
Chapters / Indigo – Online

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