Photography: Newborn Baby Boy Bloomfield

I was overwhelmed with joy yesterday, after hearing the news of my oldest sister bringing a beautiful baby boy into the world.  Not even one day old and I got to capture some precious moments of this strong passionate family uniting as one.  The love my sister and brother in law have for their first born son is so evident and radiates off them.  Little boy Bloomfield, with a head full of hair, is as cute and handsome as can be.  I have fallen in love with my darling little nephew.

Baby Bloom WaterMark19Baby Bloom WaterMarkBaby Bloom WaterMark16Baby Bloom WaterMark9Baby Bloom WaterMark15 Baby Bloom WaterMark2Baby Bloom WaterMark4Baby Bloom WaterMark5Baby Bloom WaterMark17Baby Bloom WaterMark11 Baby Bloom WaterMark3Baby Bloom WaterMark20Baby Bloom WaterMark7Baby Bloom WaterMark6Baby Bloom WaterMark12


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