Small Business: Tiny Threads

On Christmas last year, my sister got me the cutest pair of custom made baby shoes, they even had her name on them.  I was so excited for her to grow bigger so they could fit her and she could wear them all the time.  When she grew into them they got a lot of love, almost every time we went out we put her Tiny Threads shoes on.  I was impressed with how durable they were and how well they stayed on my little ladies feet.  Recently, I’ve had the opportunity to learn more about Tiny Threads and how Melissa operates her small business.

tiny threads pic 33

Melissa is a hardworking wife and momma, not only does she run a small business, but she also has three children that keep her on her toes.  Melissa has a small background in sewing from a high school class, though the majority of her skills are self taught.  When her daughter was four months old she decided to use her sewing skills and make a pair of baby shoes.  Melissa loved the outcome and decided to continue to make more for friends as gifts.  With much encouragement and thought Melissa made the decision to start publicly selling her shoes, from here her passion ignited.

Since starting Tiny Threads, Melissa has altered her original pattern and has made significant changes since her first pair for her daughter.  Once Melissa decided to start making shoes to sell, she perfected her pattern and was ready for retail.  Melissa said, “I would definitely call myself a perfectionist, so each shoe that is made has to be perfect.”

tiny threads shoes

Every pair of shoes is handmade by Melissa, she puts a lot of time, energy and love into each pair ensuring that every stitch is perfect.  The process begins by cutting out the specific size fabric for the each shoe, Tiny Threads has a wide range of shoe sizes for your babies and toddlers.  After cutting, comes ironing and then pinning.  With each shoe you get to choose a specific fabric for the outside and inside, Melissa pins these two fabrics together before beginning to sew.  This entire process takes Melissa about an hour and a half to complete one pair of shoes.  Tiny Threads also gives you the option to order your shoes with your child’s name written on the back and side tags.

tiny threads shoes2

Fabrics, colours, and designs are all purchased according to popular requests.  Melissa loves hearing feedback from her customers, present and future, and caters to their needs.  Melissa mentioned, “I found that a great way to make my business successful is ensuring that my customers are 100% happy with their orders.”  It is very important to Melissa that she fulfills her customers special requests.

“Having my own business has been a real blessing in terms of working my own hours and allowing myself to be home with my kids, all the while absolutely loving what I do,” exclaimed Melissa.  It has been a real joy for Melissa to see her business take off and see children wearing her brand that she has never met.   Melissa would love for her brand to expand substantially, she is currently using Facebook and Instagram to market herself and has found much success in these social medias.

Tiny threads shoes3

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