DIY: Simple Fall Decor

Fall is one of my favorite times of year, I love watching as the leaves on the trees change color, begin to fall and color the streets.  As the weather changes, our personal style and home decor changes with it.  Today I am sharing a quick and easy DIY Fall Craft that will add a little sparkle of fall into your home. Follow these simple steps and create your own Leaf Mobile.

The Materials I Used:

One small branch or twig (you choose the size you want)
Three or more dried leaves
Gold (or any color) Spray paint
Sewing thread

Tips & Tricks

My son and I went out on a hunt for the perfect fall leaves, we picked them off trees as we wanted them to be fully intact and perfectly shaped.  We came home and placed the leaves on separate pages in a thick book for a week to dry them out.  Once the leaves were dried, I spray painted both sides and let dry. We found a small twig to hang them on while out on our walk as well.  Use the twig and tie a knot around the base and stem of your leaves at the appropriate length. Cut of the excess thread and ta da! Done.

DIY fall decor

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