Small Business: Simply Mel and Co.

I am constantly reminded about what a small world it is every time I make a new connection with someone and I realize that our paths had previously passed without even realizing it.  Melissa, from Simply Mel and Co., and I used to work across the street from each other, both working at different businesses owned by our mothers.  It wasn’t until recently, when Melissa contacted me through my blog that we realized we recognized each other.  I am so thrilled to have the pleasure to make this connection with Melissa and have the opportunity to learn more and share all about Melissa and Simply Mel and Co. with you.
Melissa is a stay at home mother of one daughter with plans to expand her family in the near future.  With passions for crafting, thrifting and shopping as well as being an entrepreneur Melissa was destined to own her own handmade business.  After Melissa had her daughter, Sadie, and her desire to be a stay at home mother to care for her daughter, Melissa made the decision to take her passions and entrepreneural self on the path to start her own business.  It was important for Melissa to keep busy during nap times and early bedtimes, but also allow herself the freedom to be with her daughter in all the waking moments.  Simply Mel & Co was born to satisfy the busy body crafter in Melissa, keeping her going during the slow hours of the day and allowing her to have a small outlet from mother duties.
Melissa started out by selling handmade earrings on Etsy, as she had previously sold earrings for friends and family in the past, she knew it was a great place to start.  After asking friends of hers that currently sold items on Etsy for advice, Melissa felt confident to open her own Etsy page.  Designing her page layout and logo were the next steps that Melissa took, she decided to hire a designer to co-create her logo, with a simple feel that reflected her brand and personality perfectly, she had branded her business.  It came naturally for Melissa from the get go, starting her business and following the appropriate steps to get her business moving forward.  Melissa keeps her shop tasteful and continually changing and evolving as she continues to learn, grow, and expand.
In a short time Melissa expanded from selling only earrings to adding headbands and scarf options to her shop.  Melissa makes larger scarfs and earrings for the ladies in your life and smaller options for the littles. Melissa said, “I work hard at finding original and on trend prints for my scarves, earrings and headbands.  I love using really soft fabrics to ensure comfort.”  Through word of mouth from her family and friends as well as social media sites including, Facebook and Instagram, Melissa has seen continual growth in Simply Mel and Co.  Melissa has been teaming up with other shops and bloggers to create fun giveaways to gain exposure and create an outgoing environment on her social media pages.
Screen shot 2014-11-20 at 11.39.07 AM
I asked Melissa what she enjoyed the most about running her own business and I just love how she has explained her thoughts.  Melissa said, “I love having the freedom to create and craft orders on my own time and allowing me to stay at home with my girl. This is something I do not take for granted! I’m so blessed to be able to raise my daughter. I love being able to enjoy every moment with her and not miss out on anything.”  As Melissa is very goal oriented it is a joy for her to be able to create within her small business to work towards.
It has been such a pleasure to connect with Melissa and get to know her better, it is great to see the hard work that she puts into her small business and how much she cares to provide the best customer services for her customers.  Melissa said, “I am a people pleaser and I always want everyone to love what they buy from me. I pride myself in each item I make and want each item to be perfect.”
“My dream would be to see my company grow and have some items sold in local stores. I already have one place in Kamloops that sells my scarves in store,” said Melissa.  As Simply Mel and Co. is working towards growth within the company Melissa is striving to network and connect with other small shops and boutiques that she can team up with a help grow each others brands together.  Melissa has a goal to collaborate with more businesses with baby/child items, she is hoping to get more involved in the handmade community within Etsy and Instagram.

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If you are a small business or mompreneur looking to collaborate with Melissa contact her HERE.

Simply Mel and Co. provided me with products to review, all opinions stated are my own,
I only choose to write about companies that I am passionate about.

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