Small Business: Harlow Skin Co.

I was mailed products by Harlow Skin Co. a few weeks back, to use and enjoy, and I am more than loving these products.  I chose the ‘Fresh Morning’ scented candle as well as the ‘Spa Day’ Body Whip.  Both products, though very different, have similar qualities that I quite enjoy.  Their smells are very attractive and pleasant, not over powering, also so calming and relaxing.  I am also blown away by their quality, both products have been used a number of times and their quantity has barely diminished, you only need to use a small amount of body whip to cover a large area of skin.  It is quite neat to see how these products have emerged into my home, when I first got them in the mail my son was all about how great they smelt, he had a bath and asked me if I could put some of that really good smelling stuff on him once he was all clean.  Today even, I lit the ‘Fresh Morning‘ candle by Harlow Skin Co. and my son also commented that it was his favourite candle in our house.  I would say that he has some pretty good taste!

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It is no surprise that Chrystal loves helping others feel beautiful, comfortable, and confident, as her products truly reflect those qualities.  Chrystal has been a makeup artist for over a decade, and over this time period she has learned a lot about the benefits of valuable products and how her clients respond to them.  “One day I just woke up,” Chrystal said, “and I realized that there doesn’t have to be so many nasty things in the products we use daily.”  Chrystal recognized that the products most commonly used to allow us to feel relaxed and refreshed were actually doing the opposite to our skin.  Once this realization struck, Chrystal began researching and creating formulas, leading her to start Harlow Skin Co.

Chrystal is truly inspired by those around her. She said, “I love being able to provide a conscious alternative to products manufactured by commercial giants.  It is hard to feel good about your daily routine and ceremony of relaxation when you’re trying to figure out what is actually in your lotion or face moisturizer.  When I see people buying these mystery products it makes me cringe!”


When Chrystal started Harlow Skin Co. she initially just started to create products for herself and friends, essentially they were product testing.  A friend of Chrystal’s connected her to the talented graphic designer, Alley Kurgan.  Alley  turned Chrystal’s ramblings into the perfect logo for Harlow Skin Co.  Once Harlow Skin Co. was branded Crystal was really motivated by seeing everything come together, and looking exactly how she had imagined it would.  Chrystal said, “It was really important that the product, in its entirety, have a certain aesthetic. I wanted the packaging to reflect the contents as well as my personality and we definitely achieved that.”

Everything behind Harlow Skin Co. is designed and created by Chrystal, from the product recipes and creating scents to giving each item the perfect name.  I asked Chrystal if she wanted to share a story behind one of her products and where the inspiration came from, she shared, “The best name for me comes from a personal memory and it is the “Hey Ginjay!” body whip, made with lemon, ginger and sweet basil essential oils. My sisters and I were driving to the beach one day and it was really hot so we all put our hair in really high ponytails. We stopped at a light and my older sister looked at the car next to us and said heyyyy ginjayy!! It’s been an ongoing joke and just popped into my brain when it came to naming that product.”

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Chrystal works so hard at creating products for her customers that truly enhance their skin and better their way of life.  I spoke with her about the benefits of her products and it was hard to pinpoint just a few as there are truly so many benefits from using natural products on your skin.  Chrystal mentioned, “The food we consume plays a big role in our skin, how it looks and behaves.  The same is true to what we put on our skin, it’s our biggest organ and nothing benefits it more than pure ingredients.  Natural un refined Shea butter, a super food for our skin, is used in all Harlow Skin Co. whips and butters.  Shea butter is also full of essential fatty acids, vitamins and anti-inflammatory properties great from improving skin conditions as well as containing antioxidant properties.  Organic Canadian beeswax is great for repairing skin as well as creating a barrier against external and environmental stresses. Hydration is key for me personally as well as simplicity in the ingredients I use.”

I personally have been testing out the ‘Spa Day‘ Body Whip by Harlow Skin Co. and have really been enjoying the benefits it has provided for my skin and how smooth and refreshing it feels after using it.  Not to mention, the smells, oh the smells of these products are too good to be true really, I could go on and on about them, but you just won’t understand until you get to give one a smell for yourself.  Other top selling products from Harlow Skin Co. is one of their rich and hydrating body butters, the Bohemian, it is warm and citrus scented with grapefruit and vanilla, great for hydrating dry winter skin. The Coffee Buzz body buff is a really popular item as well, as it is a really healthy way to stimulate and exfoliate your skin.

Screen shot 2014-11-30 at 12.12.11 PM

Chrystal is working towards growing the Harlow Skin Co. line and knows that there is a lot of room in the beauty world for natural products.  More specifically, Chrystal would like to expand the Harlow Therapy line and the range of products for your face.  Chrystal is absolutely enjoying this adventure of owning and running a small business, the joys, tests of patience, and meeting a new community of amazing people doing so many awesome things.  Chrystal said, “My life is enriched by this alone.”

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Harlow Skin Co. provided me with products to review, all opinions stated are my own,
I only choose to write about companies that I am passionate about.

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