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It’s that time of year again where the baggy sweaters, thick socks and warm mittens make their appearances.  Getting myself dressed is enjoyable as I love bundling up in layers.  Getting my kids geared up and ready to go is much harder.  Over the past month I have been testing out and dressing my daughter up in mimiTENS mittens and it has made the job so much more enjoyable.  mimiTENS are handmade with nylon, thinsulate and bamboo/organic cotton to keep your child’s hands ‘oh so cozy’.  I have discovered that my mimiTENS mittens stay on my daughter’s hands way better than any other mittens that she owns.   She doesn’t make a fuss when they are on either! Win Win!


I have been so fortunate to connect with the maker behind MimiTENS and learn about her business story.  Anna-Maria is the very real and hardworking owner/designer behind mimiTENS.  She became motivated to start her own mittens business when she realized that she could not find any mittens that stayed on her daughters arms.  Anna-Maria started to dream up ideas of different types of practical and fashionable children’s mittens.  She also dreamt up a wish list of different fabrics and designs.   It wasn’t long until she starting sourcing and building on her project from there.

With two kids and a day job Anna-Maria didn’t have a lot of spare time to turn her dreams into reality.   Still she found the time and thank goodness for that!  With ten minutes here and ten minutes there, Anna-Maria knew that every minute counted and she didn’t waste any time.  After a lot of researching and list making Anna-Maria was able to start putting together her list of suppliers to source her required materials to create the perfect Canadian made products for mimiTENS.

mimiTENS has always been about mittens, though recently Anna-Maria has added booties to her stock list by popular customer request.  Anna-Maria said, “mimiTENS started creating baby booties because baby wearing moms asked me for them. I also introduced bigger kids mittens because my customers kids are growing with my brand and they requested them.”  It has been a pleasure for Anna-Maria to get to know her customers’, build relationships with them, learn their likes/dislikes and be able to create products to cater to their specific needs.


“I never get tired of seeing my customers adorable children in their mimiTENS.  I love watching kids react to them, most commonly putting their mittens on and then starting to clap their hands.  It doesn’t matter if it is winter or summer, when I offer a child a pair of mittens they right away are excited to put them on,” said Anna-Maria.  There are many joys with running her own business. Anna-Maria loves the connection that she makes with her customers and their children the most.  It is such a joy to be able to create clothing that is so practical and appreciated.

Having the flexibility to be home with her daughters is a huge privilege that Anna-Maria very grateful for.  A lot of time is spent drawing together as a family, Anna-Maria and her daughters will often sit together to design and draw new ideas for mimiTENS.  It is all about spending more time with family and Anna-Maria gets to do just that while running mimiTENS.

Anna-Maria has a strong attitude for running a successful business, she believes in her customers and truly strives to please.  Her determined attitude and willingness to get down to business to complete every task to it’s fullest potential is such an amazing strength that she possesses.  mimiTENS is off and running with their winter line and it is so exciting for me to announce that this year will be the first year that mimiTENS launches a spring catalogue, featuring a collection of booties, soft mittens and gift sets.  Anna-Maria also has mimiTENS across the globe in South Korea and Europe, she would love to expand even further and collaborate with more businesses.  mimiTENS has grown organically at a steady rate and Anna-Maria couldn’t be more proud!


I will leave you with this… “Please dream, then try.” I love this statement by Anna-Maria, she is as real as they get.  While speaking from the heart Anna-Maria expresses that she doesn’t know it all, but she does know that you need to dream an idea before you can make an idea.

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