Celebrate: Lego Themed Sixth Birthday Party

Earlier this month our son turned six!  He wanted to celebrate his birthday party by having it Lego themed.  It sounded like an easy task for me to put together and plan, though turns out Lego doesn’t make party supplies any longer.  After calling a few places and seeing if they had any remaining stock I was out of luck.

I decided to still make his lego birthday happen, I was just going to have to be creative.  After a little searching on pinterest and chatting with some moms who have previously planned lego parties, I got some ideas together.  My son was so thrilled with the outcome.

He also asked that I make his birthday cake.  I was so thrilled about this task as I had never made a birthday cake before.  He requested whip cream and strawberries.  I found a layered strawberry cake recipe on Pinterest and am quite pleased with how it turned out.  Though the cake didn’t nessecarily belong to the Lego theme, Ezra was still wide eyed and gleaming with joy when it was placed in front of him.







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