Shop Spotlight: Carousel Paper & Co.

It has been a pleasure getting to know the ladies behind Carousel Paper & Co. Today I have the honour of introducing them to you as the Shop Spotlight for February.  These ladies have their store stocked with beautiful items that will satisfy all of your paper accessory and decor needs.  From washi tape to paper straws, the patterns and colour combinations displayed in their shop couldn’t be dreamier.  Show Carousel Paper & Co. some love today by visiting their shop, and if you keep reading you just may find a special coupon code to use on any order.


It’s hard to say at which moment long-time friends Anna and Kathy suddenly decided to become business partners – it all started off as a casual conversation during one of their regular catch ups over drinks.  There was no denying their obsession for all things paper, packaging and decor.  Both with a Business Finance background, it became clear there was a desire for a creative outlet from their day to day.

It quickly turned to weeks of tossing out names for a new venture – to open a shop filled with carefully selected items which they could see themselves using.  Like many, they were frustrated by the limitations of what was available in Canada.  Many hours of pouring over product selection, and the scrutiny of suppliers, all to ensure the best quality products were brought to their customers.  The pieces of what is now proudly known as Carousel Paper & Co finally came together months later and they couldn’t have been more ecstatic!

As with all small businesses, the two partners wear many hats, some of them jointly, but Kathy focuses on Creative Design and Social Media; and Anna is the Business Manager.

Anna got bitten by the entrepreneurial bug three years ago and has been obsessed about small business since. She loves cooking but enjoys eating even more, and will take almost any excuse to celebrate!

Outside of working full-time, and spending time on Carousel Paper every chance she gets, Kathy has a love for photography, food and interior design.  She also has a 3.5 year old that regularly keeps her on her toes!

In addition to having great customers who use Carousel Paper products for their personal use, Anna and Kathy have also been able to connect with many local shops and businesses and are so proud to have the opportunity to be a part of the amazing packaging of some lovingly made products!  They are incredibly thankful and appreciative of everyone’s support.

Use Coupon Code: CWJW20 for 20 % off your purchase (expires Feb 8th, 2015)

DSC_0885aNew Carousel

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