Guest Post: Springtime Scavenger Hunt


Hello lovelies! My name is Natashia and I am part of The Mumsy Blog. We are so happy to be guest posting this month here at Creative Wife + Joyful Worker. I’ll tell you a little about me first. I have four kids, teach fitness classes six days a week, and am addicted to creativity.

I love to craft, sew, design, draw, paint, and make up random stories for my kids. Over at The Mumsy Blog I share these interests, some occasionally ramblings, and other joys in my life. Today I am going to share some fun springtime fun we have been having over at our home. Where I live it has been oddly warm for this time of year. We actually went hiking last weekend, in February, without coats! With the weather warming up and spring just around the corner I wanted to share some simple and fun things we’ve done. Because it has been so nice out we have been going outside every day. It feels so good to have the sun on my face and to watch my littles run freely.

One day before a walk around the neighborhood I decided I wanted to add a fun element. I grabbed a sharpie and piece of paper and started writing down things to look for on our walk which turned into a scavenger hunt. The kids were really excited as they skipped along the sidewalk looking for birds and chestnuts. We took turns marking off items as we found them. And as we searched for pieces of the world around us small details became prevalent. How often do we stop and just stare at the trees looking for birds? I know I don’t do this too often. But the feeling of being still is one I would like to have more often. So I’m sure the scavenger hunt walks will become a common practice in my home.


To do your own neighborhood scavenger hunt grab a piece of paper and your family. If the kids are old enough, have them contribute to the list as you compile it. Some examples we had on our list were leaves, puddles, pinecones, flowers, rocks. You could add fun things around your neighborhood as well like motorcycle, yard tool, chimney, airplane in the sky, or trash can. My suggestions are add anything that gets people looking around, looking down, and looking up.

Think about your neighborhood and the plants and surroundings natural to your area. Those are just a few suggestions to get you on your way. My second activity is for younger children, which I have. Like I mentioned I love creativity and drawing. So in honor of the warm weather and springtime I have created this little coloring page and puzzle. Maybe after your scavenger hunt you could have a coloring session. And if your kids are old enough you can let them cut out and do this little springtime puzzle found at the bottom of the post. To print this just right click on the image and select print. springpuzzle_edited-1 spring fun001 spring fun003 Well this has been so fun! I hope you all get to enjoy the world around you and have more moments of just being still. I will be!! If you’d like to read more you can find me and my partner over at The, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. And thanks Codi for letting us post today! Happiest of day to you all!


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