Baking with Kids: Extra Chocolate Nutella Bites

“These are so so good and I made them all myself!!” exclaimed my five year old son.
Baking with my son is something that I love doing but I find I’m often doing most of the baking.  With my hands on the camera, capturing each step, he was able to do everything.  He mixed the ingredients, cracking the egg, watched the timer, applyed the icing, and gobbled them up.  He had more fun with this then I expected, it couldn’t have turned out better!
I was looking for a easy recipe that would be perfect for baking with him, when I came across this 4 Ingredient Nutella Brownie recipe (by Savory Sweet Life) I knew I had found the perfect one.  I switched up the recipe a bit by omitting the nuts and adding extra chocolate, whipped icing, and sprinkles.  
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