We Love Handmade! Small Business Photoshoot Collaboration

I feel like I start every blog post with I am so excited, but honestly… I am so excited to share these with you. I have been working with some pretty awesome ladies/mommas recently for the opportunity to share some of their amazing products with you. I got to get together with my sister, plan a little picnic photoshoot with our kids and then photograph the results.

We set up the Teepee Tot tee pee for the first time and introduced them to some new hand crocheted teddies, by Softly Made, and it was so great to see them interact. Sophie has always been a wild one, exploring, yelling and flailing where Milo is a little more reserved, cautious yet curious. Their personalities seemed to evident within the photographs to me. They are also wearing some favourite clothing articles from Modern Moses Clothing and Little & Lively.

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Photo Shoot: Kid + Kind & MiniEm

We absolutely love playing outside, though the weather has been awfully rainy lately, it hasn’t happened as often as we would like.  This weekend we took advantage of the sun and got to bundle up and have some fun in the crisp cool air outside.  Sophie is wearing two brands that I am very passionate about.  Kid + Kind and MiniEm are both small home based brands ran by incredibly talented mommas.
Mini Tree-6

Kid + Kind:Launched June 2014, though the inspiration behind it came long before that. Having worked in the fashion industry for nearly 12 years, the thought of ‘going it alone’ has always been in the back of my mind. I have worked for some of the globe’s largest, most recognized brands; and while it has given me a wealth of knowledge of our mass markets, I still believe in creating something unique and special–something that alters the way we perceive ourselves and our possibilities, and even our own world. It was the birth of my daughter that sparked my inherent need to make her world as fun, beautiful, and as inspiring as possible. And it was the sense that I might not be alone in wanting this, that drove me to create Kid + Kind. I believe that there are others out there like me–of my ‘kind’ so-to-speak. And that bringing beauty, of all forms, to the lives of our children is a deeply-seated interest we all share.” – Jacquelyn Sage

When I first came across Kid + Kind they were just starting out, they had very unique and fun designs to choose from. It hasn’t taken them long to flourish and expand their line with incredibly cute new designs in their Fall & Winer Collection.  This ‘Seal Pup’ raglan is one of the cuteset shirts my little girl owns, also one of the top complimented articles as well.  It doesn’t matter where we go, someone compliments us on the shirt and how they love the look.  I am so happy to share about Kid + Kind and show off their brand as this momma is super encouraging and talented.  Jackie creates from her soul and produces one of a kind items that are perfect for both genders to style impeccably.

Mini Tree-4

MiniEm: This momma started her handmade brand when she was searching for a slouchy beanie for her daughter, she wanted something neutral, cool and affordable.  After a failed search, Chantelle decided to dig out her serger, that hadn’t been out since attending fashion school, and she began to make prototypes.  Chantelle quickly began to realize that creating and producing was a very rewarding way to spend her down time, while her daughter was napping.  “The entrepreneur side in me had my etsy shop open within a week,” said Chantelle.

Chantelle and Emerson have so much fun filling their days with fabric store trips, photo shoots in the park, and post-office walks.  Having a destination on their walks, like to the post-office, has made their trips and adventures all the more rewarding and fulfilling.   Even though Chantelle is back to work as a Fashion Buyer for a Canadian retailer, she has continued to pursue MiniEm, it was something she couldn’t just put aside.  Chantelle explained, “I love creating so much!  Business is growing and fabric sources are getting better and better.  My amazing customers are so supportive and have the cutest littles, seeing their photos makes me become all the more addicted.”  The amazing community of like minded shops is something that Chantelle is very greatful for and happy to be a part of.

MiniEm’s stylish gender neutral clothing grow with the little ones in your life.  The pants styled in this photo shoot have a waist band that is folded down, however as my little lady grows the pants can be lengthened by turning the fold up and adding an extra inch or two.  I was also extremely impressed by how soft and comfortable the fabric is, my girl was not bothered at all by the slouchy beanie, infinity scarf or the pants.  She was happy to be bundled up on this colder day in her MiniEm wear.

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