Creative Photo Shoot with Quantum Images Inc.

It was raining, it was pouring, and it was so much fun! It is not every day that the model (myself) and the photographer want to venture into the pouring rain to see what we can create. Due to our busy schedules and both of us eager to create something unique we went for it, finger crossed, to see what we could capture.

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Photography: Taste Testing from the Apple Tree

It is such a joy to our family, especially our children, that we have an Apple Tree on our property.  This tree is at the back of our property, it’s a dwarf tree, but produces more than enough apples to make a few delicious recipes.  For the past week our kids have wanted to go out and taste test to see if the apples are ready.  Today my son decided they need a few more days to grow a bit bigger.  We are looking for an awesome recipe, any suggestions?  Please comment below of an idea or with a recipe would be even better. Enjoy these few pictures from our taste test.
 apple2apples4Apple apple3apple8apple5apple6apple7

Photography: Six Week Old Baby Boy Q

Last week I got to capture some moments of my close girlfriend, her husband, and their six week old baby boy.  My girlfriend has a love and passion for photography, and so when she asked me to take some pictures of her beautiful son I was both honored and nervous.  I wanted to capture these moments perfectly for her and her husband, to showcase the abundance of love they pour out over their son.  Although, my nerves faded once the photo-shoot began, they made it so easy for me, their love, smiles, and comfort for Baby Q was overflowing. I am so pleased to share these photographs of this sweet family with you.

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Organic Wooden Camera: From The Seeds 

Photography: Newborn Baby Boy Bloomfield

I was overwhelmed with joy yesterday, after hearing the news of my oldest sister bringing a beautiful baby boy into the world.  Not even one day old and I got to capture some precious moments of this strong passionate family uniting as one.  The love my sister and brother in law have for their first born son is so evident and radiates off them.  Little boy Bloomfield, with a head full of hair, is as cute and handsome as can be.  I have fallen in love with my darling little nephew.

Baby Bloom WaterMark19Baby Bloom WaterMarkBaby Bloom WaterMark16Baby Bloom WaterMark9Baby Bloom WaterMark15 Baby Bloom WaterMark2Baby Bloom WaterMark4Baby Bloom WaterMark5Baby Bloom WaterMark17Baby Bloom WaterMark11 Baby Bloom WaterMark3Baby Bloom WaterMark20Baby Bloom WaterMark7Baby Bloom WaterMark6Baby Bloom WaterMark12


Jolene Lillian Maternity

Over the weekend we got the pleasure of spending a couple nights at Peaceful Cove Resort where I was fortunate enough to take some photos of this stunning woman.  There was so much joy, laughter and love radiating off of Jolene.  She is 30 weeks pregnant with her first child and is looking more beautiful than ever, motherhood sure looks good on her.  She is vibrant.